Park of Biancane

It is a particular area in the center of Monterotondo Marittimo, which strongly characterized the landscape between the provinces? of Pisa and Grosseto. The famous steam vapors which naturally exit from the ground, creating a suggestive and unique panorama.    

San Gimignano

Famous for its 16 towers, the medieval village of San Gimignano is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site. One of Europe's best Medieval towns, still inhabited and full of interesting sites to see.

Baratti and Populonia

Baratti is a touristic area localized in the comune of Piombino, province of Livorno. Baratti is included in the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, one of the most important parks in the Val di Cornia. Near the residential area there are several burial mounds reflecting the colonization of the Etruscan civilization.

Val di Cornia

Val di Cornia is located in the southern part of Livorno's province. Until 1399, Val di Cornia was a member of the Republic of Pisa.
The wines of the Val di Cornia DOC are well-known both nationally and internationally.

Massa Marittima

The main centre of Colline Metallifere of Grosseto, Massa Marittima was recently awarded the prestigious "Orange Flag" of the Italian Touring Club.
The origins of the town are from the Middle Ages around Monte Regio, the hill which gives the name to many typical wines produced in this area.


The city is well-kown for its artistic heritage and for its famous Palio of Siena.
The historical city center has been declared a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE in 1995.


Volterra, famous for the extraction and the processing of Alabaster, has a historical centre originating back to Etruscan times with Roman ruins and medieval buildings, such as the Cathedral and the Palazzo dei Priori located in the homonymous square, in the centre of the town.

Punta Ala

Punta Ala, famous seaside resort, is well-known for its port and for the sailing regattas, which are organized by "Yacht Club Punta Ala", cradle of Luna Rossa.

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